Our aims

  • Better support to stop smoking
  • Better screening, treatment and support for diabetes
  • Help you look after your own general health and wellbeing

More and more people are choosing to live, work and stay in east London.

Major regeneration of the area is creating growth and opportunity, bringing new jobs and housing, better transport, shopping and leisure facilities, making it an attractive place to call home.

But while this is improving east London as a place, and making it generally more prosperous, are we actually investing in ourselves and taking care of our personal future health and wellbeing?

Some 40 per cent of all deaths in England are preventable and are caused by the effects of lifestyle choices including diet, lack of exercise, smoking, alcohol and drugs.

Treating preventable diseases, such as heart disease and smoking-related lung cancer, costs the NHS in England £11 billion each year.

About 1.2m people in London still smoke. Of these, 280,000 live in east London and the local NHS spends £56m a year treating people for illnesses caused by it.

Type 2 diabetes is also preventable.

One in six patients in hospital in England has diabetes, 90 per cent of whom have Type 2 and it costs the NHS £1million an hour to care for them – 10 per cent of the total NHS spend.

More than half of all adults in east London are overweight or clinically obese. This is less than the national average of 63 per cent, but London has the highest rate of childhood obesity of any city of its size in the world.

If we fail to tackle preventable illnesses, not only will this situation continue, and likely get worse, the sustainability of our health and care services will be put at risk.

The East London Health & Care Partnership has three priorities to help tackle these issues:

  • To help people stop smoking. We will especially target children and young people, so they fully understand how harmful and expensive smoking is – both to the individual and, in terms of treatment, to the NHS
  • To reduce diabetes. We want to improve early diagnosis and provide ongoing support for those identified ‘at risk’. This includes offering places on the National Diabetes Prevention Programme, where people are given a personal health and wellbeing coach to help with their diet and exercise. We also want to improve outcomes for those living with Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes, ensuring they receive regular follow ups and have access to specialist advice when needed.
  • To improve workplace health. Around 24 million working days are lost in London each year because of sickness absence or injury. We will help business and public sector organisations across east London, including our own, give better health and wellbeing support to staff. We will promote healthy eating and physical activity and create support services for dealing with stress and other health issues, including those who want to stop smoking or reduce the amount of alcohol they drink.

But it’s not just down to the authorities; we all have a stake in our own health. There are many things we can do in our daily lives to take better care of ourselves – such as eating more healthily, reducing alcohol intake and getting plenty of exercise.

Some of the things we want to do will take longer than others, but we are doing all we can to make them happen as quickly as possible.

See our Better Care and Wellbeing in East London booklet to find out what we are doing to achieve our aims, what it means for local people and what you can do.