Estates – The Right Place

Having staff in the right place might be a hospital, a GP surgery or even a patient’s home.

Whether staff work in a hospital trauma centre or in the community, we are enabling and encouraging them to work together across the range of health and care services. We want to stop working in silos. The focus will be on following patients, not patients following us.

Where we can we are looking to put local health and care, and other public services, in the same building. This isn’t just to save money, but to encourage closer working between them – and to stop the public having to go to lots of different places.

When a building is no longer required, the money recouped from the sale or rent will be reinvested locally to help improve or rebuild those we do need.

Although we have many modern facilities in the area, we also have buildings that are more than 100 years old and no longer fit for purpose. Whipps Cross Hospital in Waltham Forest definitely needs rebuilding, and we are working on this right now. We want all of our facilities to be up to date and functional, ready for future advances.

A greater use of digital technology will also help ensure services are provided in the right place. We want staff to have greater flexibility over how and where they work so they can spend more time in local communities. It also saves money on costly building space, which can be better spent on patient care.

Technology brings other benefits too.

Using a digital device to constantly monitor someone’s heart, or provide a video link to a doctor or nurse, for instance, can enable a patient needing that type of care to stay in the comfort of their own home, yet remain in constant touch with expert help and support should it be needed.

It will not only make care accessible and convenient, but more consistent and personal. It’s very likely you will see the same staff throughout your care rather than lots of different people.

If you are unfortunate enough to have an accident requiring major surgery, for instance, once you have been discharged from hospital the same team of physiotherapists will visit you at home to help you fully recover. As well as saving numerous trips back and forth to the hospital, it will avoid you constantly having to repeat your medical history, or details of any medication, to a number of different people.

See our Better Care and Wellbeing in East London booklet to find out what we are doing to achieve our aims, what it means for local people and what you can do.