Our aims

  • Cut waiting times for appointments
  • Diagnose and treat any cancer quickly, with better education and information for the public
  • Improve care and outcomes for people

Parts of east London compare poorly with the rest of England in helping to prevent, and treat cancer.

Local people aren’t living as healthy a lifestyle as others elsewhere. The area has higherthan-average rates of smoking and obesity and fewer take part in any form of physical activity.

People are also not going for check-ups as often as they should, greatly reducing the chances of survival because a cancer hasn’t been detected and treated early enough.

The facts are simple:

  • More than 40 per cent of cancers diagnosed in the UK last year could have been prevented by people adopting healthier lifestyles.
  • Up to 10,000 deaths in England could be avoided each year if cancer is diagnosed earlier and treatment started sooner.

But we can all do something about it.

The East London Health & Care Partnership is making the prevention of cancer, and improving outcomes for people that have it, a top priority.

We are going to improve information on screening for breast, cervical and bowel cancer and other forms of the disease. This includes better signposting on when and where you can be screened, and what you can do yourself to check for symptoms.

We especially want to reach out to those that don’t have regular health checks, or who don’t like seeking help.

We want to cut waiting times for appointments and ensure patients from all backgrounds have access to timely, high quality modern treatments. Working with some of the best expertise there is, we want people to live well after treatment and increase their chance of survival.

See our Better Care and Wellbeing in East London booklet to find out what we are doing to achieve our aims, what it means for local people and what you can do.