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Partnership selected as non-executive community network pilot

East London Health and Care Partnership (ELHCP) has been chosen as one of nine pilot sites selected by NHS England, NHS Clinical Commissioners and NHS Improvement to develop local non-executive community networks across north east London.

Non-executive directors and lay members are board members with specialised or professional knowledge of key areas such as audit, clinical care and patient engagement and they play a key role in shaping local health services.
Through this pilot they will be supported to come together across north east London as a network to work more closely with one another and help shape the approach to integrated care.

Jane Milligan, Executive lead for East London Health and Care Partnership said: “We are delighted to have been chosen as one of the pilot sites. Individually our Non-Executive Directors all bring a much needed independent voice to our work so I look forward to bringing everyone together to collectively challenge and support the development of our integrated care systems and ensure the patient and public perspective is truly at the heart of our plans”.

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