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East London becomes an innovation pilot

Improving the health and care of people with long-term conditions across North East London received a significant boost today as NHS England selected the area as an innovation pilot.

Using new technologies and digital applications to help transform the way care is delivered, the pilot aims to help staff and patients prevent, manage and improve patient care and health.

Smart phone apps and other technologies will be trialled by care staff, such as healthcare assistants and staff who provide care in people’s homes, to enable them to play a larger role in patients’ care.

One innovation that will be trialled is digital tools which allow people who have experienced heart failure to personalise their care by capturing more data. The tools will save administration time, allowing health staff to spend more time supporting patients to recover and rehabilitate, so improving their health. This will build on east London’s record of capturing data and sharing it with relevant clinicians via the east London Patient Record, equipping them to make better care decisions for their patients.

Jane Milligan, Executive lead for East London Health and Care Partnership said of the innovation pilot:

“We are excited about the chance both to improve outcomes for people with long-term conditions and to enhance the roles of vitally important junior members of our workforce, who too often remain hidden. We are keen to rapidly grow successful solutions across East London.”

The number of people living with long-term conditions in the area continues to grow and finding effective solutions for supporting people to live well and manage their conditions is a priority for East London Health and Care Partnership. As people with long-term conditions need more care, it’s also important we find ways of transforming our health and care workforce and how care is delivered. The pilot is just one way this is being considered in East London.

The innovation pilot will be led by the east-London based organisation Care City, in partnership with local NHS organisations and the East London Health and Care Partnership.