Payment Consultation

The East London Health and Care Partnership (ELHCP) is working to achieve its objective to protect and sustain vital services and provide better treatment and care built around the needs of local people.

To support this aim, it is important to ensure the right relationships and systems are in place between organisations within the ELHCP, including those holding the budgets for health and care services and those providing them.

This includes having the right approach for the payment of those services – one that is fit for purpose given current and future demand, and enables the right outcomes for our population. To ensure this happens, the Partnership board seeks views from those involved, as well as other key stakeholders, and has launched a consultation process.

The consultation process began on 11 July and was originally going to close on 4 September. However, the closing date has now been extended to 29 September. A copy of the consultation document can be found opposite as a PDF.

We are inviting written responses from all organisations in the ELHCP as well as clinicians, other health and care professionals and front line staff, finance managers, councils, patients and the public.

If you need any more information or have any questions please email us at